Jul 18, 2024  
2024-2025 Florida Tech Catalog 
2024-2025 Florida Tech Catalog

Behavior Analysis Professional Practice, M.A.

Major Code: 8156 Degree Awarded: Master of Arts
Delivery Mode(s): Online Admission Status: Graduate
Admission Materials: Transcripts, résumé/CV, letters of recommendation, statement of objectives Location(s): Main campus, Melbourne


The goal of the Behavior Analysis Professional Practice, M.A. online degree program is to produce competent science-informed practitioners who are solidly grounded in basic principles derived from the experimental analysis of behavior, who approach problems in a conceptually systematic way tied to those basic principles, who will attain BCBA® certification, who adhere to best data-based and evidenced-based ABA practices and who will continue to inform their practice with current research findings.


Total Credits Required: 33

Final Program Examination

The final program examination consists of a multiple-choice examination simulating the Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification examination at the behavior analyst (BCBA) level and covers material from the verified course sequence (VCS). The final program examination is administered toward the end of the student’s last (typically sixth) semester.