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2024-2025 Florida Tech Catalog 
2024-2025 Florida Tech Catalog

Oceanography, Ph.D.

Major Code: 9081 Degree Awarded: Doctor of Philosophy
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Admission Status: Graduate
Admission Materials: Letters of recommendation, résumé/CV, objectives, transcripts Location(s): Main campus - Melbourne

The doctor of philosophy degree is offered to students who want to carry out advanced research in an area of existing faculty expertise. The doctoral degree is granted in recognition of high achievement in a program of study, required examinations and original research in the field of oceanography. Students may be admitted during any semester, but for optimal scheduling, the fall semester is recommended.

Admission Requirements

An applicant who has received a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics, natural science, engineering or related fields is eligible to apply for admission to the doctoral program. All applicants should have a high scholastic record (minimum of 3.2 GPA based on a 4.0 scale). Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation and a résumé/CV. Included with the application should be a short, clear statement of the applicant’s interests and objectives. Although not required for admission, an on-campus interview is highly recommended.

General admission requirements and the process for applying are presented under Graduate Academic Information .

Degree Requirements

The doctoral degree is primarily a research degree and is conferred in part in recognition of research accomplishments. Each student must complete an approved program of coursework, pass the comprehensive examinations, write an acceptable research proposal and petition for admission to candidacy, complete a program of significant original research, prepare and defend a dissertation concerning the research, and present a seminar on the research. Each candidate is expected to publish a major portion of the dissertation in refereed national or international journals. A minimum of 18 credit hours of coursework and 24 credit hours of research and dissertation beyond a master’s degree is required. At least 18 semester credit hours of dissertation (OCN 6999) must be taken beginning with the term in which a student is admitted to candidacy.

General degree requirements are presented under Graduate Academic Information .


A program of study must be approved by the student’s advisor and the program chair. A wide degree of latitude is allowed in course selection and research interest within the capability of the university and the student’s academic background. A student in one of the five concentrations available (biological, chemical, geological and physical oceanography, and coastal zone management) must also develop a general knowledge of the various areas of oceanography.

Prior to admission to doctoral candidacy, the student may be required to demonstrate proficiency in a computer language or a reading proficiency of scientific literature in one foreign language. The chosen language should allow access to important literature in the student’s area of research. This requirement is imposed at the discretion of the doctoral committee.

After admission to doctoral candidacy, a yearly seminar demonstrating progress must be presented to the graduate faculty.

Coursework and Dissertation Summary

  • Formal courses (minimum) credit hours: 18
  • Research and dissertation (minimum) credit hours: 24

Minimum Credits Required Beyond the Master’s Degree: 42