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2024-2025 Florida Tech Catalog 
2024-2025 Florida Tech Catalog

Ocean Engineering, M.S.

Major Code: 8084 Degree Awarded: Master of Science
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Admission Status: Graduate
Admission Materials: Letters of recommendation, résumé/CV, objectives, transcripts Location(s): Main campus - Melbourne

The curriculum is designed to allow the ocean engineer to broaden professional expertise in preparation for a challenging career in industry or for further graduate study. Although the emphasis is placed on a core of required courses, the student is encouraged to concentrate efforts in one of several areas of interest through a choice of elective courses. Both thesis and nonthesis tracks are available.

The Master of Science in Ocean Engineering can be earned on either a full-time or part-time basis. Although a full-time student may complete coursework within two or three semesters, thesis activities normally involve a further one or two semesters of study. Graduate student assistants normally require additional time. A student can start graduate studies in either the fall or spring semester, but the fall semester is recommended.

Admission Requirements

An applicant should normally have an undergraduate degree in some field of engineering or in one of the physical sciences. Every applicant should have a mathematics background through differential equations along with introductory courses in physics, chemistry and computer programming. A student who has graduated from a nonengineering program will be required to complete additional coursework as part of the master’s degree program. Although not required for admission, an on-campus interview is highly recommended.

Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation, a statement of objectives and résumé/CV for evaluation.

Applications from international students are invited and will be evaluated with consideration given to academic standards in the country where baccalaureate studies were completed.

General admission requirements and application procedures are presented under Graduate Academic Information .

Degree Requirements

The degree of Master of Science in Ocean Engineering is conferred on students who have successfully completed a minimum of 30 credit hours of required and elective coursework. Thesis work may be primarily analytical or experimental in nature, or a comprehensive design study or a computational investigation involving state-of-the-art computer modeling techniques. The thesis track requires a minimum of six credit hours of OCE 5999 Thesis Research  following approval of a written program plan. The nonthesis track requires 6 credit hours of approved electives in lieu of OCE 5999, an oral final program examination and a technical paper. A thesis is usually required for any student receiving financial support through the department.


Areas of Specialization

The subject area requirement is met by taking at least three courses from one of the following groups:

Recommended Electives

An additional course to meet the minimum total requirements for the degree can be selected from the following list of recommended electives. Other courses can also be elected with approval of the student advisory committee.

Total Credits Required: 30