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2023-2024 Florida Tech Catalog 
2023-2024 Florida Tech Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Commercial Enterprise in Space, M.S.

Major Code: 8138 Degree Awarded: Master of Science
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom, online, off-site Admission Status: Graduate
Admission Materials: Résumé/CV, transcripts Location(s): Florida Tech at Spaceport, Virtual Education Center

The Master of Science in Commercial Enterprise in Space enhances skills, knowledge and abilities needed by private and public sector officials with duties and responsibilities in space technology management, innovation, national security, international law and treaties, and human space flight.

The program explores current strategies and private sector and government responses to exploit space for commercial business enterprise development through a multidisciplinary approach to rapidly changing space technologies and commercial opportunities for space exploration and business investment.

The goal of the program is to prepare individuals for operational leadership within a broad spectrum of commercial space technology and business development positions within the private for-profit sector, and nonprofit public and local government sectors. Graduates will be able to manage innovation in the commercial exploration of space, understand and respond to human spaceflight conditions and U.S. national security interests, and understand and respond to international law and treaties on space exploration and commercial development.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with an acceptable cumulative GPA from an accredited college. Any recognized undergraduate degree may be considered including those earned through distance learning (online). Applicants are preferred to have professional work experience or developing interest in the areas of space technology, commercial business development, innovation and entrepreneurship or national security management. General admission requirements and the process for applying are presented under Graduate Academic Information . Applicants who do not meet the stated requirements for regular admission may petition to take graduate courses for credit as a continuing education applicant.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Commercial Enterprise in Space is conferred on students who have successfully completed 36 semester credit hours of instruction in the core curriculum. Additional prerequisites may be required of those whose undergraduate preparation is insufficient.


Candidates for the degree must successfully complete the following curriculum.

Total Credits Required: 36