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2023-2024 Florida Tech Catalog 
2023-2024 Florida Tech Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Arts and Communication

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Robert A. Taylor, Ph.D., Head

Heidi Hatfield Edwards, Ph.D., Associate Head


Andrew J. Aberdein, Ph.D., philosophy

Heidi Hatfield Edwards, Ph.D., journalism and communication

Gordon M. Patterson, Ph.D., history

Robert A. Taylor, Ph.D., history

Associate Professors

Gabriella I. Baika, Ph.D., French and Italian

Kevin R. Burke, Ph.D., music

Natalie M. Dorfeld, Ph.D., writing

John F. Lavelle, Ph.D., writing

Moti Mizrahi, Ph.D., philosophy

Theodore G. Petersen, Ph.D., journalism and communication

Youngju Sohn, Ph.D., strategic communication

Angela Tenga, Ph.D., literature

Wanfa Zhang, Ph.D., political science

Assistant Professors

Melissa A. Crofton, Ph.D., writing and literature

Sharon C. Irvin, M.A., communication

Lars R. Jones, Ph.D., art history

Joseph Montelione, D.M.A., music

Kenneth R. Pike, Ph.D., philosophy and law

Renée Souris Smith, Ph.D., law

Andrew Stanfield, Ph.D., writing and literature


Annie Caza, M.A., languages and linguistics

Eliza Dopira, M.M., music

Rolanda Hatcher-Gallop, M.S., communication

Amy Laakman, M.A., communication

Keturah Mazo, M.S., communication

Anna Montoya, M.A., Spanish

Joy Patterson, M.S., English

Faculty Emeritae

Penny Bernard, M.S.; Marcia Denius, MFA; Jane E. Patrick, Ph.D.; Carol M.H. Shehadeh, M.A.; Fontaine Wallace, M.Ed.; Judith B. Strother, Ph.D.; G.S. Wylie, M.A.; Bill Leach, Ph.D.

Mission Statement

The school provides the foundation on which students build practical skills of writing and critical thinking, intellectual objectivity and analysis. These are preparations not only for a career but also for anyone who wants to write a book or start a corporation, pursue graduate studies or serve as a management consultant.

Florida Tech provides a work environment that is richly diverse, ethnically, linguistically and politically. The goal of the school is to provide a program that succeeds in its commitment to its students and shows them how to wonder at the genius of great literature in the same way it shows them how to write proposals or launch a public relations campaign. It must also convince students that careful thinking, meticulous writing and imaginative planning are essential not just for success but for corporate survival and that all jobs in the 21st century will require solid writing and analytical skills, computer proficiency and intellectual openness.

Fast Track Master’s Program in Global Strategic Communication

This program allows undergraduate students of any major to complete a master’s degree in global strategic communication in one year by earning graduate-level credit hours during their senior year and applying up to six credit hours to both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The program is available to undergraduates who have completed a minimum of 35 credit hours at Florida Tech with an earned GPA of at least 3.3, and who have completed at least 95 credit hours toward their undergraduate degree by the time the approved student begins taking graduate-level courses. The credit hours are treated as transfer credit (GPA does not apply) when applied toward the master’s degree. Interested students should consult their department head for more information about this program.

Minor Programs

Minors in communication, history, literature, music, philosophy and prelaw are offered through the school. A complete policy statement regarding minors can be found under Undergraduate Academic Information . Information about current minor offerings is available through the individual departments/colleges.


Faculty in the School of Arts and Communication are active in a wide range of research and scholarship in the disciplines represented in the school, including history, literature, philosophy, law, music, journalism, and strategic communication.


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