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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Ugur G. Abdulla, Ph.D., Head

Degree Programs

Applied Mathematics, M.S. 
Applied Mathematics, Ph.D. 
Biomathematics, B.S.  
Mathematical Sciences, B.S.  
Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics, B.S.  
Operations Research, M.S. 
Operations Research, Ph.D.  

Undergraduate Minor Program

Computational Mathematics Minor  

Ugur G. Abdulla, Ph.D., partial differential equations, potential theory, nonlinear PDEs, optimal control and inverse problems, free boundary problems, probabilistic potential theory, dynamical systems, chaos theory.

Jewgeni H. Dshalalow, Dr. Sci., real analysis, stochastic processes, queuing theory, mathematical finance, stochastic games, stochastic networks.

Charles T. Fulton, Dr. Sci., ordinary and partial differential equations, spectral theory of differential operators, numerical linear algebra, numerical methods for two-point boundary value problems, parallel processing.

Cecilia A. Knoll, Ph.D., calculus mastery, integrating technology into the curriculum.

Semen Köksal, Ph.D., differential equations, mathematical biology, neural networks, dynamical systems, mathematical modeling.

Kanishka Perera, Ph.D., variational and topological methods for nonlinear partial differential equations, semi- and quasi-linear elliptic boundary value problems, problems and singularities, critical point theory, infinite dimensional Morse theory.

Gnana B. Tenali, Ph.D., wavelet analysis, differential operators, dynamical systems.

Associate Professors
Jim Jones, Ph.D., computational mathematics, parallel computing, numerical solution of PDEs.

Tariel I. Kiguradze, Ph.D., partial differential equations, hyperbolic equations and systems, boundary value problems, qualitative theory.

Jay J. Kovats, Ph.D., elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations, diffusion processes.

Michael D. Shaw, Ph.D., nonlinear differential equations, Lyapunov stability theory, variation of parameters methods, initial time difference.

Assistant Professors
Jian Du, Ph.D., scientific computing, numerical analysis, modeling and mathematical biology.

Ben Hutz, Ph.D., arithmetic dynamics, computational problems and number theory, dynamical systems.

Nezamoddin Nezamoddini-Kachoiue, Ph.D., biostatistics, bioimaging, signal processing, computer vision.

Munevver M. Subasi, Ph.D., stochastic programming, mathematical modeling, bioinformatics, combinatorial data analysis, data mining.

Aaron Welters, Ph.D., mathematical physics, electromagnetic theory, materials science.

Aliska Gibins, Ph.D.

Mathematics Advancement Center
Dan Zaffran, Ph.D., Director

Professors Emeriti
George E. Abdo, Ph.D.; Frederick B. Buoni, Ph.D.; Dennis E. Jackson, Ph.D.

Minor Program

A minor in computational mathematics is offered through the department. A complete policy statement regarding minors can be found in the Academic Overview  section. Information about current minor offerings is available through the individual colleges/departments.


Applied Mathematics

Active areas of research in the mathematics program include nonlinear partial differential equations, potential theory, optimal control of systems with distributed parameters, inverse problems for PDEs, free boundary problems, mathematical modeling, neural networks, scientific computing and numerical analysis of nonlinear PDEs, mathematical biology, reaction-diffusion equations, variational methods for PDEs, critical point theory, mathematical physics, stochastic processes, queuing theory, dynamical systems, chaos theory, computational problems and number theory.

Operations Research

Active areas of research in the operations research area includes stochastic games, stochastic networks, mathematical finance, stochastic programming, bioinformatics, data mining, biostatistics, image processing, signal processing, modeling of controlled queuing systems, decision making under uncertainty, modeling of complex biological systems, identification of parameters and inverse problems, engineering management, quality control, optimization models, scheduling and timetabling algorithms, applied graph theory, integer programming.