Nov 27, 2020  
2020-2021 Florida Tech Catalog 
2020-2021 Florida Tech Catalog

Mathematical Sciences - Applied Mathematics, B.S.

Major Code: 7077 Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science
Delivery Mode(s): Classroom Admission Status: Undergraduate
Location(s): Main Campus - Melbourne

The bachelor’s program in applied mathematics prepares undergraduate students for industry and well-recognized graduate programs in applied mathematics or related areas. During the first two years, applied mathematics majors share courses with science and engineering majors, enabling dual degree opportunities for students. The program includes courses with extensive theoretical and/or computational content. Students can choose electives in engineering, the physical sciences, biological sciences, environmental studies, social sciences and business. Applied mathematics students are provided a solid mathematics background and analytical and computational skills required to create new mathematical methods and tools for the solution of complex real-world problems and prepare them for the STEM workforce in industry and academia.


Electives (42 credit hours)

  • Applied Area Credit Hours: 9
  • Free Electives Credit Hours: 6
  • Humanities Elective (HU) 3000-level or higher recommended Credit Hours: 3
  • Liberal Arts Credit Hours: 3
  • Restricted Electives (MTH) Credit Hours: 9
  • Social Science Credit Hours: 3
  • Technical Electives Credit Hours: 9

Choices of electives are subject to approval by the student’s advisor. Mathematics electives must include at least one proof-based course in addition to the required courses in discrete mathematics and analysis. Examples of suitable courses include MTH 3051 Combinatorics and Graph Theory MTH 3401 Introduction to Number Theory MTH 4051 Abstract Algebra MTH 4105 Topology  and MTH 4801 Advanced Geometry .

Applied area electives must be taken from a single area of application. Typically, this means from a single department or program other than mathematics. Any science or engineering program can be chosen. Suitably chosen management courses (courses with mathematics prerequisites) can also be taken. At least 30 elective credits must be at the 3000-level (or higher).

Note: Upper-division mathematics courses may be offered in alternate years. Positioning of electives is unrestricted.

Total Credits Required: 125